|Friday, January 19, 2018

Memory Enhancement Course Outline

• Get to know your brain & how it works
• What you need to use your brain well
• Amazing facts about your Memory Power
• Tests to assess the way you think best
• Secrets of using both sides of your brain
• Techniques from ancient Greeks and Romans
• Applying memory techniques to everyday challenges
• Bring your memory to life
• Realise your full memory potential

• Explore how to remember words
• Turn words & phrases to images
• Using images to increase your memory power
• Secrets of remembering names & faces
• How to memorize memos, essays & long documents
• Building confidence of presenting from memory
• Help your audience remember everything you say
• Remember jokes, spellings and foreign languages
• Increase your memory retention of written data

• Applying your memory skills to your life
• Developing your own strategies for learning
• Remembering scripts, playing-cards, recipes, music
• Control your memory to re-learn old habits
• Gain control of your memory for new challenges
• Use both sides of your brain to be more creative
• Start making yours more memorable to others
• Learn the importance of sleep
• How good nutrition & exercise can help your memory
• How to maintain a healthy memory
• How to keep your mind active and young
• Be inspired to apply your memory skills to every aspect of your life