|Thursday, December 14, 2017

91% of Teachers Have Computer Admittance in Classroom 

Keep in mind when big screen projectors and PowerPoint presentations were considered cutting-edge in the classroom? As recent technology advances, so does innovation in schools at all levels.

In reality, around 91% of teachers in the U.S. have access to computers in the classrooms; Mobile technology is also ruling its position in education. More than 80% of teachers think tablets improve classroom education, and 1 in 5 students have used a mobile app to keep coursework planned.

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In the meantime, 6 out of 10 students have used a digital textbook, up from just 4 out of 10 in 2011. As these trends continue, e-textbooks are predictable to frame 11% of textbook income by 2013.

Not to my surprise, research has shown that taking up technology in the classroom is helping the learning process. For instance, teachers that included digital games into lessons improved average test scores by 91.5% compared to traditional non-digital games (79.1%).

Even though college professors are more probable to use social media for education coursework (80%), about 29% of all teachers hold the medium. Students (40%) are on board with using social media to assist with their education.

Would you like to share the most inventive ways you have seen technology or equipment used in the classroom? Discuss Your Views in the comments.